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Working with an experienced professional designer can be the difference between a client who walks away because they cannot find the ‘perfect’ house and a client who can envision and realize their dream home. I have worked with realtors to help prospective clients visualize the possibilities of a given property. Whether a remodel, addition, or new construction, a skilled designer can bring nearly limitless possibilities to the table when considering existing structures and empty lots.

With extensive experience in the greater San Diego market, I can help client and realtor alike better understand the possibilities, limitations, code restrictions, and general viability of any project great or small. Along with my large base of existing relationships with contractors, interior and landscape designers, civil and structural engineers, and a host of specialized artisans and sub-contractors, we can address the specific concerns any client might have.

While professional realtors can benefit from the services of the designer, the designer can similarly benefit from the experience and knowledge of the realtor. These relationships, while mutually beneficial, ultimately result in a happier, more satisfied client.