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A great project begins with good architecture, but it isn’t complete without the vast input and skillset that an Interior Designer can bring to bear. Similarly good interior design is allowed to fully shine when the architectural base of the project is sound and of the highest quality. The project transcends either when both architecture and interiors are coordinated, highlighting as well as complementing each other.

It has been my working model to bring in the interior team as soon as possible during the design process. When both designers work together as a team, the project can best realize its full potential and provide the client with all the elements that comprise their dream home. Indeed some clients come into the process without considering an interior designer and it has always been my strong suggestion that they do so. I happily refer interior designers to clients and projects are always better for having them on the team.

In addition to the symbiotic relationship between designers, I have always found that the whole does indeed greatly exceed the sum of its parts. The skills, knowledge, contacts, and quality of result increase exponentially when architectural and interior designers work together in harmony.