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We have all seen a great design on paper fail to realize its potential due to less than quality construction. At the same time, we have all seen good designs exceed their existence on paper with superior construction. A contractor whose goal it is to build an exceptional project brings with them a vast experience of practical knowledge, skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail – indeed always pushing and perfecting the details, and the ability to pull all the parts together into a comprehensive whole.

As with other design professionals, I believe it necessary to bring a contractor on board at the earliest phase of a project. The quality contractor can bring such a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that their involvement is invaluable. Timelines, practical experience with always evolving building components, a constant focus on budget (something on which clients and architects alike often lose focus), and an additional source of design input all are essential elements that the contractor provides the team.

Like many players who make up the design/construction team; the contractor is also an invaluable source of referrals to the designer. Happily this relationship works both ways and the best contractors are the ones I consistently refer.