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A good civil engineer can make the difference between a smooth project and one fraught with problems and delays. When brought into a project early, quality and accurate civil engineering services provide architects and designers the most basic constrictions a building site may contain. All too often I have seen a project proceed with an inaccurate topography/site survey. The result is discovering too late the existence of critical easements, constraints, and/or property boundary conflicts. Accurate topographic information is also absolutely essential in developing superior project design.

Indeed, civil engineers are often brought into a project before any of the designers or contractors, as a smart realtor will bring someone on to confirm project viability. As this is the case, I have been fortunate to have several projects brought to me by civil engineers. In every other case, it is the civil engineer that I immediately suggest be brought on board. I have worked with several quality civil engineers and look forward to establishing relationships with more.