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Don Vanderpool

My name is Don Vanderpool. I opened Vanderpool Design Studio to fulfill my lifetime pursuit of artful design through the medium of architecture. This pursuit led to me to the University of New Mexico where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree, followed by a Master’s of Architecture degree emphasizing on Design Theory. This time in the high desert was spent focused on design philosophy as well as pushing and refining my own design abilities.

It was also during these years in New Mexico, amongst the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi, I realized a deeply rooted connection with and for sacred spaces. This interest has led me through the ruins of Ancient American Indian ceremonial spaces and Spanish missions in the American Southwest, into the deep rain forests of Guatemala to stay amongst the formidable Mayan ruins of Tikal, endless exploration of countless Roman temples and Christian cathedrals throughout Italy, and Buddhist temples across the Pacific. The sacred space is not limited to religious structures, indeed you can find them, or I should say they more often find you, in the most unexpected places.

After university, I returned to San Diego. Now, after nearly 20 years’ experience in the San Diego area, I have served as guide for numerous projects from their conception in schematic design through permitting and construction. Acting as both primary designer and project manager on projects large and small has given me the unique perspective of understanding the design-to-build process in total. I have had the pleasure to work with the most well regarded architectural firms in San Diego, serving as lead designer, head of production, and providing oversight for all project permitting and development. Now, at Vanderpool Design Studio it is my goal to provide all my clients the very best in design and to develop their projects in a positive atmosphere.

So then, this has been a brief introduction. I look forward to speaking and meeting with you in person